Honeywood Winery offers Wine Tasting with No appointment
Also enjoy our beautiful gift shop full of fabulous wine accessories and wonderful Oregon food products.

1350 Hines St SE Salem OR 97302

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Open 7 Days A Week

11-5 Daily

Curbside pick up is available. You can order ahead online or by phone.

Honeywood History

History In 1933, Honeywood Winery was founded by Ron Honeyman and John Wood. It was originally called Columbia Distilleries, and produced fruit brandies, cordials and liqueurs. Eventually, they settled on making premium wines and decided a name change was in order for the winery. Contrary to the obvious, Messrs. Honeyman and Wood did not use a contraction of their names to make Honeywood, and in fact, objected to the name on those grounds. An advertising consultant provided the rationale with a line from Oliver Goldsmith’s play, “The Good Natured Man,” wherin the products of fermentation were referred to as, “smooth as HONEY…aged in WOOD…the drink of the good natured man.” Honeywood became synonymous with the elite in wines. A winery must be close to its source of ingredients, and so it is with Honeywood. Located in Salem, in the heart of Oregon’s great and fertile Willamette Valley, the winery is minutes away from some of the world’s finest vineyards, cane berry fields and fruit orchards. Honeywood is the oldest producing winery in Oregon. The winery produces a full line of premium vinifera wines and the most extensive listing of premium fruit and specialty wines. We offer wine tasting daily while you shop our tasting room which includes a gourmet marketplace that sells Oregon food products and wine related gifts. Come visit us at 1350 Hines St. Salem, OR 97302 and give us a call at: 503-362-4111